What’s My Story?

I wrote Write Now! to help students find, fine-tune and share their stories and stand-out in the hyper-competitive college admissions process.


Maura_Allen_SQ_BW-3329There’s no doubt, my love of words, grammar and punctuation lured me into the Classics Department as a Stanford undergrad. A year in Rome working for Stanford followed by 30+ years of writing and consulting gigs in Silicon Valley and beyond have provided me ample opportunity to hone my communications skills.

From start-ups to global finance firms, high school seniors to MBA candidates, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and institutions tell their stories with clarity and conviction. In that time, I’ve discovered a core principle: When it comes to our stories, we’re more alike than different. Whether CEO or high school senior, the tendency is to bury the lead and pile on dry details, to tell rather than show, use generalities instead of engaging our audience with emotionally charged tales. Too few are expert at the art and science of storytelling. I’m determined to change that.


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