Give Back! Book Donations

Help me help high school seniors tell their remarkable stories. For every book sold, I happily donate a copy of Write Now! to an individual (or institution) who will benefit from the advice and insights. Someone come to mind? Don’t be shy.

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Growing up, my parents encouraged my siblings and me (all eight of us!) to use our strengths to help others. Write Now! is proof I listened.

I’m a storyteller; my strength is writing. Over the past few years, I’ve met hundreds of high school seniors who had stories to tell, but were struggling. I also know there are thousands of college counselors across the country who work hard to assist students, and who might benefit from one more tool to help make their job easier.

The college application process can be overwhelming for students and families, especially for those with limited resources or first-in-family college applicants. To support those rising seniors, I’ve adopted the Tom’s Shoe model of give back: For every book sold, I gift a copy of Write Now! to an individual (or institution) who can use it. Help me help a high school senior tell their remarkable story.


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