Get organized, get your essay tracker

Click on the button below to download your Write Now! College Essay Tracker–and get organized.


Write Now! College Essay Tracker

Investing a few minutes up front to organize your essay topics is a smart move. Use the Write Now! College Essay Tracker to see what needs to be done, track your progress and possibly best of all, see where possible overlaps exist.

Overlaps are a good thing. Often, all or part of an essay written for one school can be adapted as a response to another school’s prompt. It’s not a straight copy and paste, but there’s some shortcuts. The one caveat: the “Why This School” essays. Start fresh every time on these to ensure your response reflects the intersection of the school’s strengths and your interests.

Download the tracker and add in your schools and essays. It’s an excel file (you’ll need that program to use it.) As you write, keep it updated, add or delete columns–then be sure to save it to your harddrive, the cloud, etc. In short: Make it your own.




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