Discovery is Key

To standout, your essay—your story—should be anchored by an element of self discovery. Change needs to happen, action taken, conflicts resolved, lessons learned, all with you at the center of it. It’s the action, emotion and element of surprise that draws the reader in, fires up the brain and forges a connection with you, the story teller.

Personal narrative may be a new writing style for you. Think of the essay like a conversation with a new friend. It’s a good way to get started with the right voice—your voice.

Write Now! Tips

> Conflict in life can be troubling, something we try to avoid. In a personal narrative, it’s conflict—or discovery—that propels the reader forward. Embrace it.

> Share the highs and lows, what you learned, how and why you were disappointed, moments of tension—and resolution.

> Go beyond surface details. Your essays need to be uniquely yours.

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