Timing is Everything

Whether your target is early admissions/early action or the general application deadline, the structure of the application process involves a timeline and a deadline. That means finding a way to work WITH time, not against it is key. One time management technique that students have found helpful is the Pomodoro Technique®. It’s simple, straightforward and, most importantly, it works.

You Deserve a Break. Short, scheduled breaks eliminate the desperate feeling that many deadlines spark

Eliminate All Distractions. For many, anything is better than the task in front of them. In your case, that’s essay writing. Distractions are tempting and ubiquitous. Find ways to eliminate them—or at minimum greatly reduce.

Work Smart. There’s a compounding effect when you spend time doing something else (checking Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), even if it’s just for a minute or two. Some experts say that total time is 2x. Do the math: 10 minutes texting adds up to 20-minutes lost time.

Write Now! Tips

> Check out the the Pomodoro Technique website (during a break!)

> Define your task. Be VERY specific.

> This technique is similar to interval training in sports—intense workout, break, intense workout, break. Your brain benefits from the same format of focus/break, focus/break.

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